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Google App Performance Management

Google Releases New Application Performance Management Tool

Google’s Stackdriver Profiler can help developers monitor live applications for performance impacting code issues.

Spoke Takes Internal Ticketing Systems to New Level Using AI

By using AI to tee up and streamline internal-request management, Spoke portends to provide a new way for line-of-business employees to manage and search for information at work and help teams be more productive.

Windows Chief Leaving Microsoft in Cloud-, AI-Focused Reorganization

Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft Windows, is leaving the company as part of an AI- and cloud-focused reorganization.
Huang Nvidia Server Keynote

New Nvidia Chips Enable Big Leap in Deep Learning, Virtual Reality

Nvidia took the wraps off a new server called the DGX-2 it says offers breakthrough performance for deep learning applications in a smaller, more energy efficient package than was previously required to get similar performance today.
Solomon Hykes Dockercon EU 17

Docker Founder Solomon Hykes Announces Exit from Docker Inc.

NEWS ANALYSIS: In a surprise announcement, Solomon Hykes reveals he is leaving Docker Inc. The company he created and the movement he started are both very different in 2018 than when he founded the company 10 years ago.

IT Science Case Study: Bank in Tornado Country Updates DR Function

First Enterprise Bank needed a technology refresh to protect financial information and meet disaster recovery needs in the case of a natural disaster, because tornadoes and earthquakes are common threats in its region.

Microsoft's Simplygon 3D Optimization Tool Embraces CAD Users

Simplygon, the 3D optimization technology that Microsoft acquired last year, now supports two popular CAD file formats.
LF Deep Learning Foundation

LF Deep Learning Foundation Debuts to Advance AI Usage

The Linux Foundation brings technology vendors together to form a new effort that aims to make it easier for different industry verticals to benefit from artificial intelligence.
Microsoft Azure Databricks

Microsoft Officially Launches Azure Databricks Analytics Service

Microsoft Databricks service is intended to give users a leg up on developing their big data analytics and machine learning projects.

Staffing Shortages Threaten to Impair Mainframe App Efficiency SLIDESHOW

Mainframe computers still perform a critical function for many organizations. But a shrinking mainframe workforce is resulting in reduced efficiencies and app quality.
Windows Server

Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2019 Test Build

The operating system's upcoming Long-Term Servicing Channel release includes a cloud-friendly Cluster Sets feature and stronger security.
Epson scanner

Epson Document Scanners Now Certified for Digitech Enterprise Services

Two more Epson scanners now work directly with content management applications from document flow vendor Digitech.

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