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Cisco Systems Acquires New-Gen Application Monitor Perspica

Networker said it will integrate Perspica’s engineers and intellectual property with its new AppDynamics team, which it acquired in January for $3.7 billion.
AppDynamics App Performance

Under Cisco, AppDynamics Extends Its Reach Into Business Outcomes

NEWS ANALYSIS: AppDynamics, now a Cisco subsidiary, says it's moving beyond application performance monitoring to tracking the business outcomes of millions of online transactions.
Visio Upgrade

Microsoft Releases Visio Online With Stack of Diagramming Templates

Customers can now choose from two plans that enable them craft Visio diagrams with little more than a web browser.
DockerCon EU 2017 2

Surprise Announcement Changes Container Landscape at DockerCon EU SLIDESHOW

The DockerCon EU conference was loaded with content and news, including a big announcement concerning Kubernetes.
Windows 10 Futures

There's More to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Than Mixed Reality

The latest version of Windows 10 helps users build bridges between iOS or Android devices and their PCs.
Ubuntu 1710 2

Ubuntu Drops Unity for GNOME in Artful Aardvark Release SLIDESHOW

After years of building its own desktop, Ubuntu drops Unity for GNOME in Artful Aardvark. Here are other highlights of the latest Ubuntu release.
IBM MTA DockerCon EU

Docker Accelerates App Migration to Containers With IBM Partnership

At the DockerCon EU conference, the container vendor outlines successes and launches a new partnership with IBM to help organizations move from legacy architectures to the microservices future.
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Microsoft Kicks Off Windows Mixed-Reality Era With Fall Creators Update

It's finally here. The OS update arrives with new mixed-reality features along with hardware that allows users to experience what the fuss is about.
Solomon Hykes Dockercon EU 17

Docker Opens Up to Support Kubernetes Container Orchestration

At the DockerCon EU conference, the container vendor announces that it is embracing the one-time rival Kubernetes container orchestrator.

Microsoft Tunes Cortana to Collect, Organize Favorite Web Pages

Cortana will soon keep track of interesting internet finds so that users don't search through the depths of their browser histories.

Eight Industries Primed and Ready for Headless CMS Adoption SLIDESHOW

A headless CMS gives an organization significant advantages that cannot be ignored. This slide show looks at those advantages and which industries will most benefit from a headless CMS.

Grafeas Project Debuts to Improve Kubernetes Supply Chain Security

A new open-source effort backed by Google, IBM, Red Hat and others launches to provide auditing and governance for the container software supply chain.

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