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Flexera Software: Product Overview and Insight

Flexera Software makes on-premises and cloud-based solutions that define, structure, manage and automate assets and services for enterprise operations.
Bing Fact Check Label

Microsoft Invests in Deep Learning to Improve Image Search Results

Microsoft says new deep learning capabilities are helping Bing Image Search return smarter, more relevant results.

Upstart PoLTE Cracks Logistics Location Challenges Using LTE

NEWS ANALYSIS: One of the biggest challenges in logistics is knowing where things are, whether that thing is a shipping container on the back of a truck or a package in a warehouse. This company now has the answer.

SolarWinds Updates Product Line for Hybrid Cloud Trend

Performance-management provider updates portfolio to make it easier for IT pros to consolidate monitoring solutions to a single and provides greater flexibility to scale up and support larger data center networks as workloads get bulkier.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update Provides an IT-Friendlier HoloLens

The upcoming Windows 10 April 2018 Update for HoloLens will work better with MDM solutions and give developers more capabilities to test.
Gluon Deep Learning Tool

Industry-Specific AI Brings Together Microsoft, Accenture, Avanade

The companies plan to use Microsoft's ecosystem of cloud-based AI technologies to create intelligent solutions for specific industries.

How International NGO Uses Cloud Tools to Advocate for the Poor

NEWS ANALYSIS: Oxfam is an international confederation of 20 organizations working together with partners in more than 90 countries. It's now using new-gen tools such as Workplace for Facebook, Okta for security and Aware by Wiretap for governance and compliance ahead of GDPR.
Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Gives SharePoint Collaboration a Mixed-Reality Twist

Microsoft's SharePoint makes the leap from desktop and mobile screens into 3D mixed-reality experiences with SharePoint Spaces.

Confluent, Google Team Up to Provide Streaming Data Platform

By using a fully-managed streaming data service on GCP, users can offload the operating burden of Apache Kafka and stream data at scale in real time to Google Cloud’s big data services.

Informatica Planning Fall Release of iPaaS for Microsoft Azure

In addition, Informatica will soon be launching a new intelligent cloud service, Data Accelerator for Azure, which will enable enterprises to move legacy data warehouse workloads to the cloud—something which has been problematic, to say the least, in the past.

Cloud 2020: Canonical’s Six Trends Shaping the Future of Cloud

How will we look back upon our current IT decade? From here, it sure looks like 2010 to 2020 is all about the cloud. The internet of things is starting to take root, but its time has yet to come.
conversational AI

Microsoft Acquires Conversational AI Startup Semantic Machines

Banking on AI systems that can carry on a conversation, Microsoft acquires Berkeley-based Semantic Machines.

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