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Google Releases Hangouts Chat as Enterprise Collaboration Platform

The Google Hangouts Chat Messaging platform enables easier collaboration in enterprises, company says.

Startup Xage Launches Blockchain-Protected IIoT Security

New company distributes authentication and private data across industrial edge network of devices, creating a tamper-proof fabric for communication, authentication and trust.
Brave browser

Brave Browser Shields Users From Trackers, Rewards Publishers SLIDESHOW

The Brave web browser provides an integrated set of security technologies to accelerate and secure web traffic, while rewarding publishers with cryptocurrency.

Cloudian Sees Huge Opportunity, Muscles Up with $125M Investment

Company signs joint venture for $100 million in procurement options and a $25 million equity commitment to support expansion of sales, marketing and engineering.
CRM app

Zoho Updates Its CRM App With Zia Voice Digital Assistant

Digital assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have brought voice recognition to the masses. Now business apps developer Zoho is bringing it to salespeople’s mobile devices.
artificial intelligence

Microsoft Adds Custom Vision, Upgraded Face API to Its Cloud AI Slate

Custom Vision enables developers to build mobile apps with built-in visual intelligence capabilities.
Windows 10 Polaris Desktop

Enterprises Gain Extra Setup Features in Windows 10 Build 17110

Enterprise users will be able to run custom scripts during the Windows setup process in the next major feature update release.

Amdocs DevOps Platform Bridges Legacy, New-Gen Systems

Company aims to solve the challenges of enterprises that are becoming digital service providers within the framework of hybrid IT environments.

Salesforce, United Way Enable Employee Giving in Philanthropy Cloud

This is described as a first-of-its-kind enterprise app to help companies engage their employees in giving back and supporting pet causes.

Samsung, PTC Go in Together on New IoT Initiatives

The deal puts to work PTC's integration and consulting talent alongside its ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform and Samsung's ARTIK Smart IoT Platform.

How Numerous Incumbent Firms Are Refusing to Be Disrupted

There’s no question that many big companies have been shaken by startups coming from Silicon Valley and elsewhere. However, a new study of 12,800 C-suite executives across 20 industries in more than 112 countries found these incumbents are refusing to be disrupted.

Cisco, India's Airtel Team Up for Smarter Mobile User Experiences

Indian telecom is building out Cisco’s Self-Optimizing Network to manage and support massive growth in data and voice traffic.

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