Ivanti Software: Product Overview and Insight

Ivanti Software was created in January 2017 when LANDESK Software was merged with HEAT Software. The company develops and delivers integrated management, security and process automation solutions for enterprise IT management.


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Today: Ivanti ITASM (IT asset and service management)

Company description: Ivanti Software was created in January 2017 when LANDESK Software was merged with HEAT Software, backed by their common owner, private equity provider Clearlake Capital of Santa Monica, Calif.

Ivanti has deep roots in the ITAM market since both companies were founded in 1985, and its products can be utilized at large and medium-size enterprises with 1,000 to 5,000 employees. The company develops and delivers integrated management, security and process automation solutions for enterprise IT management. Its service management package starts the data discovery process, then adds asset-management functionality with an auxiliary module.

The company is headquartered in South Jordan, Utah, with additional offices in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom. All products formerly named LANDESK and HEAT are now re-branded as Ivanti products.

Product descriptions: Ivanti’s solutions include:

  • Ivanti configuration management software;
  • IT service management, which enables users to streamline operations, maintenance tasks, and automate and standardize processes;
  • server management software;
  • and Ivanti Asset Lifecycle Manager, which allows users to manage IT and business processes with consolidated asset configuration;
  • The company also provides Ivanti Management Gateway Appliance, an appliance for managing mobile and distributed computer systems through cloud-based services. This features integrated configuration and security management functionality that includes inventory and asset management, software license monitoring, on-demand remote control, vulnerability scan and remediation, security configuration management, and software distribution and patch management functions.
  • Ivanti also offers professional training and customer support services. The company’s software and services help IT teams to automate and manage desktops, servers and mobile devices.

Insight and Analysis: Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite provides IT managers with a real-time overview of how IT assets such as software and hardware are deployed. Ivanti has one of the most intuitive user interfaces in the business. One customizable dashboard provides a graphic view of categories such as software and hardware assets and an IT self-service catalog in order to emphasize key business benefits in an easy-to-see, all-up dashboard setting. Updates are automatically incorporated into graphics displaying the amount of money that has been saved or could be saved. Thus, financial managers can use this functionality in addition to IT managers.

Automated components that import and track information, such as when hardware is purchased from lease, warranties, and contracts allow for smoother employee on-boarding and off-boarding. These components also capture information around recalls for consumable hardware assets such as batteries and printer toner. This automation also gathers all assets with business-to-business connectors in order to link vendor and manufacturer data. Information from vendors such as Microsoft, CDW, Adobe, Apple, Verizon and Lenovo is automatically imported into asset records.

Ivanti has been selected a Quadrant Leader by Gartner Research and has been given a high ranking by Forrester Research.

Accountability Standards and International Operations:

Despite being managed through a single workspace, the software is easily connected across multiple countries to provide the IT manager or CIO (Chief Information Officer) with a complete international overview and opportunity to drill down into savings and costs. The software is available in 10 languages, including English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Russian, Polish, Italian and Spanish.

List of current customers:

Ivanti ITAM customers include organizations in United States government that are expected to adhere to higher accountability standards—such as the Department of the Air Force, Department of Defense Health Agency, Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, Department of the Navy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Guard. Other clients include MBDA, 21st Century Oncology, Tui Info Tec and Troika Dialog.

Key Features

Asset Manager Workspace:

  • Customize graphic display: Administrators can choose to customize the chart-heavy graphic display to toggle between hardware, software and self-service catalog requests.
  • Automatic discovery easily tracks tasks: They can also easily track tasks. Automatic discovery also allows the IT manager to find unmanaged IP-enabled devices and track software use and deployment.

Software License Management:

  • Set automatic processes: The ITAM suite allows managers to set automatic processes that update the software database from time-of-sale to any time a change is made to a machine.
  • Software license linked to the user and machine: Software licenses are linked not only to the user, but associated with the machine they're deployed on, and are moved to a third location when they are reclaimed for possible deployment or retired.
  • Allows for identification of proper installs: The software will also identify improper installs, allowing the manager to remove them as well as prepare audit-ready reports.

Automated Asset Management:

  • Track assets associated with inventory types: The ITAM suite can, in addition to tracking what's installed on hardware, track any asset by assigning a barcode that can be associated with a particular inventory, used to track warranty, lease and contractual details.
  • Find who has an asset: By automating many of these processes, the ITAM Suite frees up staff members while making it easier for managers to track who has a particular asset, what's on it, how it's used and where it is.
  • Useful notifications: The software provides notifications about everything from upgrades, changes, expiring warranties, or batteries that might be about to fail.

Financial Management:

  • Actionable insights: Information gathered by the ITAM suite enables managers to make decisions that save both time and money.:
  • Identify areas of overspending/underspending: Ivanti 's reporting features clearly identify areas of overspending and underspending.
  • Track costs transparently: The transparency of all the features make it easier to track operational and capital costs, which in turn makes it easier to make good recommendations.


  • Ease of deployment: Once the parameters are set in place by an IT manager, Ivanti can be launched with a single click if deployed as a cloud service. On-premises and mobile applications require additional preparation and setup.

Delivery: Software as a service, cloud, mobile, on-premises

Agents:  None

Pricing: Ivanti has a free 30-day trial option. It sells its solutions through a network of resellers and VARs in the United States and internationally. Ivanti has strategic alliances and partnerships with Gateway, Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Touchpaper.

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