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Audio Screen Data Capture

Researchers Discover Computer Screens Emit Sounds that Reveal Data

NEWS ANALYSIS: Using a computer version of synesthesia, researchers demonstrate a new vulnerability present in most flat-panel monitors that can reveal contents to a remote party.
Mark Shuttleworth Canonical Ubuntu Linux

How Canonical Is Improving Ubuntu Linux Security VIDEO

VIDEO: Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and Ubuntu Linux, discusses a recent cryptojacking attack and efforts his company is taking to secure users and applications.
Trend Micro midyear 2018

Cryptojacking Attacks Growing Rapidly, Trend Micro Reports

Trend Micro's 2018 midyear security report finds that ransomware attack volume is growing slowly, while cryptojacking continues to escalate.
August 2018 Monthly Video Recap

Defending Against 'Foreshadow' Intel CPU Attacks: What You Need to Do VIDEO

JULY RECAP VIDEO: Just because there are updates available that fix Foreshadow flaw doesn’t mean you’re protected. There are other steps that must also be taken.

Lacework Raises New Funds to Extend Cloud Security Capabilities

Lacework raises $24 million in a new round of funding, as the cloud security company looks to grow its technology platform.

Fortnite Installer Vulnerabilities Highlight Mobile App Store Risks

NEWS ANALYSIS: A new type of mobile attack known as man-in-the-disk could leave Android users at risk, especially if the apps they are using are not coming from Google Play.
Daily Tech Briefing Aug. 27, 2018

Congress Looking at Ways to Regulate Social Media, Big Tech Companies VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Congress is holding hearings on social media and big tech regulation issues, and Microsoft improves Visual Studio for Mac's performance in Version 7.6.
Caveonix RiskForesight

Caveonix Brings RiskForesight to Hybrid Cloud Workload Deployments

Caveonix emerges from stealth with its RiskForesight platform to help organizations tackle the complexity of managing cyber-security risks across hybrid cloud workload deployments.
cloud security

T-Mobile Shows How U.S. Enterprises Should Respond to Data Breaches

NEWS ANALYSIS: Data breaches are never a good thing, but they’re going to happen despite the best prevention efforts. So the next step is to handle the breach properly.
Daily Video 823

Microsoft Offers Free Security Service Suite to U.S. Political Groups VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft launches free security services for U.S. political groups; Bing search engine moves to .NET Core 2.1 for performance gains.
Social Media, Privacy Regulation Legislation

Congress to Hold Hearings on Social Media, Big Tech Regulation Issues

NEWS ANALYSIS: The impact of social media and large technology companies on society has grown to the point that many in Congress feel that it is time to consider regulations to protect consumer privacy and defend against foreign disinformation.
SailPoint IdentityIQ

SailPoint IdentityIQ 7.3 Update Extends Identity Governance to Bots

As organizations increasingly rely on robotic process automation bots, there is a need to bring them under control with a common identity governance model.

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