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Daily Tech Briefing June 1, 2018

Two Canadian Banks Hit With Data Breaches, 90,000 Affected VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Two Canadian banks report breaches exposing customer data, and Google and AT&T will offer a new connectivity option for cloud customers.
Helm Chart

Helm Project Advances to Help Cloud Native Application Packaging

The open-source Helm project is now its own stand-alone project in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, providing a package management system for deploying applications into a Kubernetes cluster.
Monthy Video Recap May 2018

Blockchain, 'WHOIS' Services Break Key Requirements of GDPR VIDEO

MAY RECAP VIDEO: The public blockchain that’s at the core of crypto-currency and the internet’s “WHOIS” domain name identification function may run afoul of the EU’s GDPR data privacy regulations.

Google Says Pixel 2 Encryption Thwarts Even Privileged Insider Attacks

An encryption feature available with Google Pixel 2 smartphones ensures even an attacker with highly-privileged access to a mobile device won’t be able to access data.
Daily Tech Briefing May 31, 2018

FBI Prescribes Router Reboots to Defend Against VPNFilter Attacks VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: The FBI recommends router reboots to limit the VPNFilter malware risk, and Microsoft invests in deep learning to improve image search results.
Bromium Secure Platform

Bromium Secure Platform 4.1 Boosts Virtualization-Based Security

Bromium updates its micro virtual machine-based security platform to make it easier to secure organizations from email and web threats.
Botnet report

US Government Botnet Report Warns About Lack of Security Tool Use

A report to the president from the departments of Commerce and Homeland Security reveals gaps in the fight against distributed attacks and calls on the industry to do more.

Good Tools Increasingly Used in Fileless Attacks, Carbon Black Finds SLIDESHOW

Modern bank heists involve a variety of tools and techniques, including ransomware and non-malware attacks, a Carbon Black report on cyber-attacks in the financial sector finds.
Meltdown and Spectre

OpenStack Operators Detail How They Patched for Meltdown, Spectre

CERN operates one of the largest OpenStack clouds in the world and had to reboot its entire cloud to patch for the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

Flexera Software: Product Overview and Insight

Flexera Software makes on-premises and cloud-based solutions that define, structure, manage and automate assets and services for enterprise operations.
Google GDPR Ad compliance

How Enterprises Can Make GDPR a Global Data Privacy Standard

NEWS ANALYSIS: Enterprises can potentially eliminate a lot of complexity and pain if they follow Microsoft’s lead and establish the European’s Union’s General Data Protection Regulation as a global data privacy standard.
data breach

Two Canadian Banks Report Breaches Exposing Customer Data

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's Simplii Financial division and the Bank of Montreal both reported that they were contacted by hackers who alleged they stole data on at least 90,000 customers.

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