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Daily Tech Briefing Aug. 14, 2018

Election Officials Detail How to Improve Voting System Security VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Election officials discuss efforts to bolster voting system security, and Cisco brings SD-WAN to 1 million edge routers.
NSA Stress and Hacking Black Hat USA 2018

NSA Research Looks at How Stress Impacts Cyber-Security Operations

At Black Hat USA, officials from the National Security Agency provided insight into the impact of fatigue and frustration on cyber-security operations.

UA: A Routine Bug Fix That Can Increase Enterprise Revenue

Universal Acceptance (UA) is the concept of removing all technical barriers that might hinder a user from accessing any name in any top-level domain (TLD) from any web browser, email client or other internet application on a connected device.

TradeIt Partners with IBM Cloud for Global Financial Services

TradeIt’s home-developed APIs (application programming interface) for app developers are setting the table for highly secure functionality that covers any type of international trade format.

DHS Using Red Team Approach to Improve National Cyber-Security

Leaders of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Cybersecurity Assessments and Technical Services (NCATS) explain at DEF CON about how conducting penetration testing against government and private sector infrastructure helps to improve cyber-resilience.
Black Hat 2018 Security Concerns

Cyber-Security Failure Brings Societal Risks: Black Hat Researchers

NEWS ANALYSIS: The IT industry and connected device makers have to become more ambitious and strategic about building strong security into their software and hardware, say security researchers at the Black Hat 2018 conference.
Damien Cauquil DEF CON 26

Bluetooth Devices at Risk From Btlejacking Takeover Attack

At Defcon, security researcher Damien Cauquil released an open-source tool that could enable Bluetooth device connection jamming and takeover.

Election Officials Discuss Efforts to Bolster Voting System Security

At Defon in Las Vegas, election officials talk about potential cyber-security and some of the steps they are taking to improve voting system security.

Dtex Systems: Product Overview and Analysis

The Dtex Systems Advanced User Behavior Intelligence Platform provides customers with complete visibility over user behaviors and activities taking place on endpoints that are on and off the network.
Mobile POS Risks

Positive Technologies Reveals Mobile Point of Sale Device Flaws

Black Hat USA: Attackers could have manipulated a mobile point of sale terminal to have it display a lower amount than what was actually being sent to be authorized for payment, researchers find.
Daily Tech Briefing Aug. 10, 2018

Embedded System Flaws Put Airlines at Risk, Researchers Reveal VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Black Hat talk reveals how embedded systems expose airlines to risk, and Arista will pay Cisco $400 million in a patent settlement.
Ben Gras VU University

TLBleed Side-Channel CPU Attack Detailed at Black Hat VIDEO

VIDEO: Security researcher Ben Gras from VU University details a new side-channel attack method against CPU caches.

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