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Amazon Echo Cyber-Spy

Your New Virtual Assistant Can Be Turned Into a Spy in Residence

NEWS ANALYSIS: The first reports of the Amazon Echo and its ability to act as a stealthy listening device don’t seem alarming, but you need to think again.
IOT act

How the Federal Government Wants to Improve IoT Security

A bi-partisan group of U.S. Senators proposes new Act to help make sure that IoT devices meet a set of basic security requirements that limit the risk of exploitation and attack.
Daily Tech Briefing Aug. 1

Hackers Exploit Voting Machine Vulnerabilities at DefCon VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Hackers demonstrate voting machine vulnerabilities at DefCon; new U.S. cyber-security legislation may help reassert the Fourth Amendment; Microsoft previews phone-friendly features in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update; and there's more.

How VPN Restrictions Imposed by China, Russia Impact Internet Freedom SLIDESHOW

China is requiring registration of virtual private network technology and Russia is imposing an outright VPN ban. Here is what these restrictions mean for internet privacy and global commerce.
iPhone security

10 Apps That Protect Users' iPhones and Safeguard Data SLIDESHOW

Because iPhone users aren't immune to attacks, security companies are aggressively building apps to protect the phone. Here are 10 of the best iPhone security apps available.
Google Ransomware

Google Tracks Ransomware Payments at Scale With Machine Learning

Researchers from Google, UCSD, NYU and Chainalysis analyzed the latest ransomware trends and explain why ransomware is not going away any time soon.

CableTap Vulnerabilities Detailed at DefCon Expose ISP Gateway Risks

At the DefCon conference, security researchers detailed a set of 26 different vulnerabilities that impact millions of wireless gateways set up by internet service providers.
Ransomware payment chain

Black Hat, DefCon Expose Flaws in Voting Machines to Smart Guns SLIDESHOW

The pair of annual security conferences held in Las Vegas dig into the security of all manner of things, including—for the first time—voting machines.
Daily Tech Briefing July 31

BIOS Firmware Implementation Vulnerabilities Disclosed at Black Hat VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: A researcher reveals BIOS firmware implementation flaws at Black Hat; antivirus software cloud use exposes customers to data exfiltration; Amazon Q2 earnings fall way short of Street projections; and there's more.
Cyber-Privacy Legislation

New U.S. Cyber-Security Legislation May Help Reassert Fourth Amendment

NEWS ANALYSIS: New federal legislation working its way through the Senate and House of Representatives could restrict the use of warrantless searches to seize personal data and communications stored on the nation's computers.
DEFCON voting village

Hackers Demonstrate Voting Machine Vulnerabilities at DefCon

At the DefCon 25 security conference, Voting Machine Village highlights the problems with modern election equipment and why it's a national security issue to fix the problem.
Aqua Security Black Hat

Aqua Security Reveals Developer Security Risks With Docker Containers

In a Black Hat session, researchers outline an attack scenario aimed against developers that could put them at risk of exploitation.

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